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Trouble Ticket Software Demonstration
Take SPoTS® For A Run

After clicking Standard User Demo link below, you will be prompted to select one of five different projects.   Each of these projects has been configured to correspond to one of five different business types.   Choose the project that most closely resembles your business.   After logging in, you may view the other projects at any time by clicking the switch projects link at the top of your browser.

Please note that when accessing the SPoTS® Standard User Demo account, you will have read-only access to the information contained therein.   Additionally, you will have only standard user access.  That is, you will not have access to administrative menus and other significant administrative functionality.  

To obtain full account access, including all administrative functions, register for a free workgroup account.   You may then fully customize your account according to your business needs.   Registering a new account allows you to utilize and evaluate the system for a period of 90 days.   There is no cost or obligation for using the 10 free licenses provided during the aforementioned period.

All SPoTS® accounts include a Self-Service Portal.   The Self-Service Portal allows your clients to create their own trouble tickets or service orders.   This portal can be used as a convenient web-based method of communicating with your customers.   This "self-service" functionality increases customer satisfaction and reduces the amount of time your employees spend on the telephone, thereby freeing them to work on more productive tasks.  

For security, the Self-Service Portal limits a user to viewing only the tickets they themselves have created.   Additionally, you may make internal notes on these tickets that cannot be viewed by the portal user.

The following link will display the LegendSoft SPoTS FAQ portal.  You will have read-only access to this portal.   To gain full access to the FAQ, register for an account.

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