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SPoTS trouble ticketing for help desk organization
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firefox 1.0.2 or greater
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internet explorer 5.5 or greater, 
and an internet connection
SPoTS - Service and Problem Tracking System

SPoTS is a software system designed to assist you in tracking and organizing trouble tickets or service orders.   A trouble ticket or service order can represent many things based upon your company's industry.   For example:

  • In the field of software development, a trouble ticket can be used to describe a defect or bug.

  • In your information technology department, a trouble ticket might be created for a network problem or a software installation.

  • In the cable television industry, a service order could describe a customer hookup or disconnect.

  • Project managers can create a service order to track a new system requirement or enhancement request.

  • Electricians, plumbers, or landscapers can create service orders (or work orders) for their customers when they request service.

  • Property managers can create a trouble ticket when receiving a tenant request, assign the ticket to maintenance personnel, track the request until completion, and maintain their tenant's trouble ticket history.

  • SPoTS also incorporates customer relationship management (CRM) functionality.   This ability allows you to create customer accounts and associate trouble tickets with a particular customer.   Reports itemizing the trouble tickets associated with any given customer can then be easily generated.   SPoTS allows you to create contacts within an individual customer account.   Therefore, if your customers have multiple locations or multiple departments, individual contact records can be created that "roll up" to the primary customer account.   Additionally, SPoTS allows the creation of Customer Notes.   Each time you interact with a customer, a Customer Note can be created describing the interaction.   This customer history is then referenced any time you or any of your employees interact with a customer, thus enabling any customer service representative the ability to service any customer.  

    Quality and Organization

    Whether SPoTS is used for trouble ticketing, service order tracking, facility management in an office or apartment complex, bug tracking in a newly developed product, by the help desk in your IT department, or for some other purpose, it can assist you in improving the quality of your products, your services, and your customer service.

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