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free usage for qualified organizations

The following organizations may use SPoTS free of charge:
  • charitable, not-for-profit (501C3) entities
  • public elementary, middle, or high schools
  • Land-Grant Colleges and Universities
  • If your organization qualifies under one of the aforementioned categories, register for an account here.   Prior to the expiration of your licenses, or before then if you require additional licensing, contact LegendSoft customer service via e-mail at: help desk software customer service   Please indicate "non-profit license request" in the subject of your e-mail.   Proof of your non-profit status is required.   LegendSoft, Inc. will provide up to 20 licenses for your organization.

    equal opportunity pricing

    Our goal is to make SPoTS affordable for small businesses as well as large.   Toward that end, we've adopted a model that tiers pricing on the term of usage rather than the quantity of licenses purchased. (Please note:  because our pricing model is based upon concurrent licensing, it is not necessary to purchase a license for each end-user.)

    If you are unfamiliar with an application service provider (ASP) / software as a service (SaaS) model like ours, it may help to think of our product as you would your telephone or cable television service.  We provide you with a service, namely CRM software for tracking trouble tickets, for a monthly fee.  The service is available when you need it and the pricing is based upon the number of concurrent users needing access to the service.   In fact, for the equivalent cost of a small business telephone line, about $275/month, your SPoTS account can accommodate 25 - 100 users.  (See the sample pricing scenarios at the right.)

    unsurpassed affordability

    You may utilize SPoTS for 30 days at no cost or obligation, as explained here:
    Upon registering for an account, you are provided with 10 free licenses for a term of 30 days.  (Ten licenses will typically accommodate a workgroup of 10 to 25 users.)  

    First 10 licenses for the first 30 days            free                 

    After 30 days, you may renew one or more of your existing account licenses, or purchase additional licenses at the rates specified below.

    term of purchase cost per license per month
    24 months or more $25.42
    18 months up to 24 months $28.42
    12 months up to 18 months $31.42
    Less than 12 months $37.42


    The Application Service Provider / concurrent licensing model is the next step in the evolution of software delivery, sales, and purchasing.

    Much of the software industry will soon evolve toward this model.   This evolution is likely to be very beneficial to software consumers because of its inherent practicality, efficiency, and affordability.

    sample pricing scenarios
    (All sample pricing is based upon license term purchases of 24 months or more.  Your costs may vary depending upon your term of purchase and the number of users requiring simultaneous access to SPoTS.)
    Company Size
    (# of Licenses)
    Approximate Monthly Cost
    20 employees
    (10 licenses)
    (Company with 20 employees - roughly 50% of whom require simultaneous access to SPoTS on a daily basis.)

    3 employees
    (2 licenses)
    (Small service contractor with 1 customer service representative and 2 technicians.)

    750 employees,
    100 I/T employees
    (50 licenses)
    (Large company with separate information technology, quality control, project management, and help desk departments employing 100 individuals. Fifty percent, or fifty users, typically accessing SPoTS at any given point in time.)
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