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concurrent licensing
what is concurrent licensing?

In the SPoTS concurrent licensing model, you must have one valid license for each user actively using the system.   You may setup as many users as you wish and they may all access the SPoTS application.  However, the number of those users actually able to use the system at once will be limited by the number of licenses valid for your account.

For example, your company may employ 100 individuals.  You may create a unique username for each employee and they may all access the system.  Although, if you purchase 10 licenses, only 10 of your employees will be able to access the system at once.

what are the advantages of concurrent licensing?

Concurrent licensing has the potential of significantly reducing your software expense.   Your entire organization can access and use the system, but you only purchase licenses for the number of individuals who are likely to use the system concurrently.  

how many licenses do you recommend for my organization?

The number of licenses you require will vary greatly depending on your business and your organization's work environment.  If your environment is rich in user interaction and meetings are frequent, you'll probably require fewer licenses than if most individuals spend the day at their desks.

Our general recommendation is to start by purchasing licenses for somewhere between one third and one half of your organization.  If users frequently are unable to login to SPoTS due to a lack of valid licenses, you can purchase more at any time.

can I tell how many of my licenses are in use at any given time?

Yes.  On the SPoTS main menu, select the 'System Info' tab.  Then select the 'View / Renew / Purchase Licenses' option.  This page will display information regarding your licenses including the purchase date, the expiration date, and which user is actively using each license.

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